Should the voting age be lowered?

With Brexit looming over the heads of us Brits, there is no surprise that there are a range of questions constantly being asked.

Tayla Mcnab, a 20-year-old from Cardiff said she didn’t vote in the referendum because she hates politics: “I don’t care about it, I don’t take an interest in it so I don’t feel the need to vote.”

This poses the question, should the voting age be lowered? With 20-year-olds like Tayla not having an opinion, this infuriates not just the youths of Britain. Younger people feel they should have a right to contribute to decisions that will affect their futures. Older generations somewhat agree with this, claiming a 16-year-olds vote would add real value.

Dan F, from Edinburgh, told YouGov he believes that: “The 16 year-olds that would vote would be a self-selecting, politically interested minority who would add real value to the political discourse”

Jon C, from Coventry said: “Some 16 and 17 year-olds really want to and are just as informed as older adults, so let them vote. Most people who vote haven’t got a clue about politics anyway.”

However the are those who disagree with the argument of lowering the voting age, arguments to keep the voting age the same were also published by YouGov.

Alison, from Cumbria said: “Apparently, the judgmental area of the human brain is not fully developed until the age of 19. With age generally comes sagacity and deeper understanding without the knee-jerk, emotive reactions most of us have experienced in our youth”

Mike M, from Gloucestershire added: “18 year olds may think that they know everything but they really do not. Unfortunately one does not realise this when one is 18. One needs to have some experience of the world and 21 should be the minimum age – perhaps 25 would be better”

Luciana, a 17-year-old student has told UoGlos Live she feels she should be able to have her say on something that will affect her future: “This is my life we’re talking about, how is it fair for older people to vote for Brexit, when it will only affect a part of their life, I still have my whole life ahead of me and didn’t have a chance to give my opinion.”






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