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Burr says most successful restaurants involve their chefs in the running of the business, which helps a lot in avoiding food and energy wastage, and menu management to hit the right margins. To help keep your restaurant accounting on track and make it easier to monitor your numbers, there are four essential reports you should regularly update to ensure you’re accurately managing and analysing your finances. Ultimately, the accounting method you choose will depend on your restaurant’s size, structure and financial goals. If you’re unsure, consult an accountant or financial professional to determine the best method for your business needs.

  • Our specialist tax department can also advise on VAT, capital allowances and all areas of the company and personal taxation.
  • We understand how diverse the sector is and we’re here to support your businesses throughout any challenges or opportunities you might encounter.
  • A restaurant business does not succeed on rave reviews or full houses alone.
  • Partnering with an accountant can also help ensure your restaurant complies with regulatory requirements, such as taxation and minimise errors to improve the accuracy of your financial reporting.
  • Great food, brilliant customer service and all-round stellar dining experiences are probably why you got into restaurants in the first place.

Every company should maintain a good standard of taxation records and management accounts. You should consider how you pay employees and whether you have retirement and health insurance plans in place. The reality is both of these systems have strong points to consider for food outlets and firms in the hospitality industry. The best choice for a firm depends on its size, stock level, and cash flow. There is a drawback with the accrual method, though, in that it doesn’t highlight cash flow problems.

What is restaurant accounting?

At WKM Accountancy Services, we have had plenty of experience with restaurants and cafes and know what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive industry. CGT is a tax charge applied to the gain from selling something you own. It’s calculated from the profit made, the increase in value of the sale price compared to the purchase price, for an asset held for more than one year. Not every refurbishment cost, capital expense or repair task can be deducted for taxation purposes.

Whether you are interested in keeping your lenders on your side or are looking to qualify for financing to improve your business, you need the help of a professional team. With a growing client base of restaurants including new food concept restaurants, small London restaurant chains and gastro pubs we can call upon a breadth of experience to support you. Prime bookkeeping for startups cost is the sum of the total labour cost and the cost of the goods sold. Maintaining the ideal prime cost of 55-65% can result in higher profits for the restaurant. It helps to analyse whether the restaurant is operating at a loss or profit. When you know your COGS, you can easily decide the prices of the items on your menu and seek the desired profit margin.

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Robinson says the most important thing he has learnt is an understanding of KPIs, especially the impact of gross profit at various levels of the business. Before hiring Burr at Carroll Accountants in 2019, Coal Rooms in Peckham, London, had no management accounts, budgets, targets or KPIs, nor benchmarking for wages. A smart rota management or cloud HR system can help you flex shifts and stay efficient and make sure your staff are paid well and correctly. Recording sales, payments and other details is a fundamental part of your operation and a legal obligation for limited company owners. Santamaria says integration with other systems such as your electronic point of sale (EPOS) is the key to getting the best from your software.

restaurant bookkeepers

You will understand how to navigate around a P&L and have an in depth knowledge of creating and pricing menus that will achieve a certain profit margin. Our specialist tax department can also advise on VAT, capital allowances and all areas of the company and personal taxation. For more information on the services we offer, visit our services hub. Many restaurants and hospitality outlets in Scotland have taken advantage of our online bookkeeping services, one of them being the well known Monterey Jack’s Cocktail Bars and Restaurants with their multiple locations.

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Similarly, not everyone is comfortable determining the depreciation of assets in their business. Chartered accountants will examine a restaurant’s activity and offer tailored insight into which system best fits their needs. There is no single answer as to the best accountancy method for a restaurant. This package covers all of your accounting, tax, payroll and VAT needs. It’s a no-frills service designed to give you peace of mind that we’ve got your back with HMRC and Companies House. Many businesses in the industry will no doubt still be suffering from the impact of COVID-19, including the government’s forced temporary closures.

  • Prime cost is the sum of the total labour cost and the cost of the goods sold.
  • We are adept at both helping businesses during periods of uncertainty and through sustained growth, and can advise you on all aspects of hospitality accounting, from restructuring and auditing to valuations and PAYE.
  • Our specialised restaurant accountants are well aware of the challenges and opportunities facing Indian restaurant businesses today.
  • Our team of highly trained accountants for restaurants know the industry inside out and can give you the support and accounting advice you require.
  • In a nutshell, bookkeeping is the process of recording and organising financial transactions, whereas accounting involves analysing and interpreting financial data to provide insights and guidance for decision-making.

The chart of accounts is often used as the source of truth for a restaurant’s finances and helps to inform other financial documents, such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow statements. The main goal of restaurant accounting is to ensure the accurate and efficient management of financial transactions, which will empower business owners to make informed decisions and remain compliant. Restaurant accounting can be daunting for business owners, as there’s a lot to consider, from tax compliance to payroll, reconciliation and reporting. However, timely and accurate restaurant accounting is crucial to the success and growth of your restaurant.

The demands of this sector, selling food and drinks, places restaurants under specific pressures. These pressures dictate the best accounting practices for the restaurant industry. But if you want to scale up — especially in these uncertain times — you must have your financial status at your fingertips.

She has a degree in Journalism, a passion for hospitality and now specialises in writing insightful content for businesses in the hospitality industry. It’s estimated that the average profit margin for a full-service restaurant sits around 3-5%. Luke O’Neill writes for growing businesses in fintech, legal SaaS, and education.

By hiring a professional firm of accountants, you can make this whole procedure easier and more efficient. A revenue report allows you to estimate how much revenue you have made in a given period. You can make daily, quarterly or monthly reports to determine whether you have made a profit or not. There are days when a restaurant is consistently crowded and days when it is consistently slow.

restaurant bookkeepers

Speak to fellow restaurant owners to see how they handle their finances. “The key benefit is quick and easy access to business performance figures, such as last month’s turnover or last year’s profit and loss statement,” says Robinson. Coal Rooms has used accounting software since the restaurant launched in 2015, but it gets much more value from the technology now. “For example, invest in integrated stock control software that allows you to keep all purchase orders in one place, and measure stock levels and margins on each food and beverage item,” he says. Alexandre Santamaria, founder of Oro Sushi, and food and drink developer Aware Hospitality, says accountants that understand food and drink well can drag your attention to points you would not see yourself. So one of the biggest complaints from restaurants about accountants is they don’t hear from them often enough.

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