Mobile Attribution: The Definitive Guide for eCommerce Businesses

This is then used for further attribution of an app install to a specific channel. Trackier will help you understand cross-channel customer journeys so you can create personalized experiences and drive conversions. Mobile phones, tablets and e-readers aren’t the only digital platforms that your audience might use. As they upgrade to smarter devices, your marketing strategy also needs to pace up. Using a comprehensive attribution solution helps you to widen your niche without losing sight of crucial data. It is very similar to the U-Shaped mobile app attribution but it assigns a 30% credit rate between the first touch, lead stage, and last touch.

  • For example, a user who sees your ad on their work computer but then installs it from one of the app stores.
  • A high report quality means being able to optimize your mobile app ad creatives and advertising campaigns in real-time, thus getting more results to your clients.
  • By embracing DemandJumps approach to SEO, we have been able to increase our organic rankings within just 2 weeks of implementing recommendations.
  • Attribution also helps reveal which marketing channels drive user acquisition the most and recognizes the marketing channels users interact with during their journey.
  • Beyond channel, campaign, and content attribution, you will finally see which organic and paid keywords are generating deal and opportunity revenue.
  • As mentioned before, the user journey can become opaque once they enter an app store environment.

Full-Path attribution models are also known as a Z-Shape giving you a deep dive into the intricacies of attribution modeling. In addition to the three key touchpoints that W-shaped attribution modeling tracks, a full-path model also includes the customer-close touchpoint. This includes post-opportunity stage marketing initiatives in the attribution model as it incorporates sales activities into the overall marketing mix. Armed with this insight, it allows sales team’s to follow up interactions which can be measured in sync with touchpoints from marketing activities as well.

Types of Data

Localytics also lets you integrate other third-party data connectors or analytics tools. For example, link Movable Ink with the tool to deliver customized images or videos that the user prefers. Some MMPs may provide tools to block ad frauds like SDK spoofing, click flooding, click spamming, install hijacking, click injection, ad stacking, and so on. Track the number of events that happen within your app, such as page views, add-ons, and more.

mobile attribution partners

Monitoring mobile app performance can be a complex task that usually requires advanced tools to identify the core factors that are determining the success of the app. Mobile events, such as user behavior can tell you what needs improving, testing or removing so that time and budgets are invested into analytics wisely. In essence, mobile measurement partners not only provide special access to backend data, but they also offer rich and combined data that reveals insights for further optimization and growth. Mobile Measure Partners are particularly useful for marketers that want to measure performance from several ad networks.

To MMP or not to MMP? Mobile Attribution after iOS14

Fingerprinting was always an alternative method for matching a click or an impression with an app install. It uses things like IP address, device type, and other metadata about a user’s device to make attribution. Hint, this is actually being used at the moment if a user didn’t consent to the ATT prompt.

ByteBrew, the All-in-One Mobile Game Analytics Platform, gets … – Pocket Gamer.Biz

ByteBrew, the All-in-One Mobile Game Analytics Platform, gets ….

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In addition, you can send in-app event data collected by an MMP to Facebook to use it for retargeting and optimization. AppsFlyer prioritizes user experience and innovation, so you can rely on cool features such as deep linking, multi-touch attribution, SKAdNetwork attribution, fingerprinting, and more. Singular is one of the few MMPs that has the technological capability and certifications from all major ad networks to provide the performance and attribution data that’s required for growth. A few of the ad networks that Singular partners with include Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Quora, and many more—you can find our full list of partner integrations here.

Mobile app measurement and attribution

While single events may not be insightful, over time, mobile attribution tools can paint a beautiful picture that tells a captivating story. From how a customer acquired your app to how much money they’ve spent, app tracking attribution can provide insights that allow for smarter operational decisions. One of the primary benefits of mobile attribution solutions is that they are specifically designed to only count users once. Different channels and platforms have different ways of tracking users, and this can lead to confusion and erroneous data. There’s not a standardized set of practices for monitoring users on mobile devices, and this is why mobile attribution is so essential. When users are counted twice, the success of your campaign can be inflated beyond its actual effectiveness.

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The first step in optimizing how mobile attribution work is to identify any discrepancies between the data you’re tracking and the actual performance of your app. This could be anything from a data discrepancy in ad click numbers to unexpected user engagement. This model assigns credit to the first channel or marketing campaign a user interacted with before they converted. For example, if app users clicked on a Facebook ad before installing the app, then that Facebook ad campaign would get credit for that app install. Going over the basics of mobile app attribution can help paint a better picture of how a mobile attribution platform can help businesses succeed. By collecting and analyzing each customer action, you can discover how effective your ads are and whether customers tend to drop out of the buying process at specific points.

U-Shaped attribution

Branch is best for e-commerce companies – and not just because it claims to be. But the platform boasts multiple features that help you get unique insights about your customer journey. For example, it’s one of the few platforms that allow you to see all marketing channels your active users interacted with. We’ve come to the end of our list of best mobile attribution platforms.

The downfall of this model is that it ignores all other channels or campaigns that may have played a role in the conversion and only focuses on those closest in time. The most notable difference between the two is that mobile attribution is more difficult to track because mobile app usage involves more user engagement than a website does. As such, mobile attribution requires specialized tracking technologies to collect data about users’ interactions with the app.

Identifying and Addressing Mobile Attribution Discrepancies

However, I’ve also included a couple of other mobile attribution platforms worth checking out – Singular, Tenjin, and Attribution. Keep in mind that the mobile attribution mobile attribution partners platform you choose will have access to your user data. For that reason, it needs to have best-in-class security features, as you don’t want to risk any breach of privacy.

mobile attribution partners

Furthermore, an MMP could lessen the burden if you’re using Apple’s SKAdNetwork to measure iOS 14.5+ app install campaigns. The SKAN postback includes conversion values that provide post-install information, and you can use an MMP to configure the app events to track. For Facebook, you can use the Facebook SDK or App Events API as well to import your event configuration schema to Meta. While all of these refer to the same concept of measuring marketing performance, there’s a variation because each name puts emphasis on different aspects of a mobile attribution software.

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