#JusticeforJohnnyDepp – An opinion piece

Some people may be shocked that as a young female yes, I am behind the supposed ‘wife beater’ Johnny Depp and you may ask why? Because male domestic abuse happens on a daily basis, yet in the eyes of the law females seem to be sent away with support, and for men, a damaged reputation.

It has taken the blockbuster libel case where the Pirates of the Caribbean star, Johnny Depp lost against the tabloid’s article branding him a ‘wife beater’ in 2018. Executive Editor of the Sun, Dan Wootton, won the 16-day court case in London making history. The judge concluded that Depp’s former wife, Amber Heard has fallen victim to abuse finding Mr Depp guilty of a dozen allegations out of 14 presented to the high court.

But why has Amber Heard been able to continue her high status within the US? She has been signing deals to new movies while Johnny Depp’s life has been flipped upside down as his career has become tainted by the 2020 libel case and he is appealing for justice.

The support has flooded social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, demanding justice for Johnny Depp after leaked phone calls, text messages and graphic images released of his ill-treatment. This caused a frenzy on social media bringing light to male abuse victims.

There has been over 100k signatures for Johnny Depp to be reinstated back into the Fantastic Beasts film after being forced to resign, following the high-profile libel case. Supporters are demanding equal treatment for the 34 year old actress to be axed from her role in the upcoming Aquaman 2.

Local Benjamin Danaher wants to voice his opinion on male victims and the judicial system.

“There will never be equality between men and women when the judicial system is always portraying women as the victim. When I was being beaten up by my ex I never went to the police but she then smashed my car up so I drove to the police station to report it and whilst waiting to be interviewed I was arrested because she said I hit her with no evidence. When I was let out the next day she said they spoke to her for a few minutes then released her.”

“As long as women act like victims the policing of domestic abuse will never not be bias in the woman’s favour.”

There is a fine line between males automatically becoming the perpetrator and females falling victims continuously in these situations. Sometimes we just don’t know what happens behind closed doors but it should be an equal investigation on both genders.

Johnny Depp spent 20 hours in the witness box during the court case and the evidence he gave against Amber Heard abuse towards him feels almost brushed under the carpet and labelled as the villain, like Mr Danaher experienced.

I’m not supporting abuse of either genders, but I believe it is important for males to have a more balanced case within the judicial system, or else it will prevent men coming forward.

If you are a victim of domestic violence please use the services available and don’t be afraid to speak up.

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