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How Much Does an E-Commerce Website Cost?

Customizing the design of your product pages isn’t as straightforward as it could be, as you’ll need either a third-party app or CSS knowledge. Ecwid’s Instant Site feature, which lets you set up a standalone site for your store, is also pretty basic . Depending on where you’re located, you can also get integrate with more than 50+ payment systems, real-time shipping rates, and automatic tax calculations. Ecwid also boasts excellent multilingual features that won’t cost you any extra to use. Thanks to real time shipping rates, your customers will always see the actual cost of shipping when going to checkout.

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Retail eCommerce Platform Market 2023: Competitive Benchmark ….

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When choosing to work with a freelancer, you cut down on the eCommerce website costs, but you also take on additional risks. There is no one exact response for “how much does an eCommerce website cost? A feature might seem easy on the surface, but it may take weeks of coding to implement. Below, you can see examples of designs with basic features for custom eCommerce development by MLSDev. The compound number of hours performed for each particular service makes up the final eCommerce website budget.

Steps to Developing a Custom eCommerce Platform

Even though the hosting provider will help you with the set up, you’ll still have to manage most things by yourself. The table above gives a great deal of insight into how the cost varies from one case to another. It’s the functionality section where you could cut cost the most by going with SaaS eCommerce platforms such as Shopify. These platforms will save you a lot of time and money, but they aren’t the ideal option if you want your eCommerce store to stand out.

What is the Cost of eCommerce Software

This option is a reasonable balance between the price, quality, and guarantees. You can have your website built starting at $60,000 for its basic version on one platform, and you also get legal obligations and guarantees. The price of designing online store depends on the customer’s business financial capacities and plan, just the same as development.

Option 1: Ready-Made eCommerce Store

WordPress – $59 is the average price of a WordPress theme, though it will vary depending on the theme you’re looking at. It’s important to remember that the price disparity will not be this large once your store grows. That is, if you need to upgrade to ~$30 per month hosting to power your WooCommerce store, the numbers are a lot closer. An SSL certificate encrypts the transfer of data from your website to visitors’ browsers and gets you that coveted green padlock. For an eCommerce website, it’s an absolute must to secure your store because of the sensitive nature of the data you’re handling. WooCommerce – this is a free, open-source, and self-hosted platform powered by WordPress, which means you’ll install it on your own hosting.

What is the Cost of eCommerce Software

If you’re using WooCommerce or Magento, both of which are self-hosted solutions, you have the freedom to choose your own hosting provider. This gives you more flexibility to select a provider that fits your budget and performance requirements. For instance, if you choose a low-quality hosting provider, your website may experience slow page load times, frequent downtime, and other technical issues.

How much it costs to hire someone to build an eCommerce site

This article made me rethink all the aspects that are necessary for the cost building of a website. Even if these aspects are outsourced, an online shop still needs to keep track of stock and calculate shipping costs. Responsive web design ensures that your e-commerce site will look great on any device. Factors like the number of visitors your site receives, the number of unique features it offers, and the presence or absence of automatic services like daily site backups.

What is the Cost of eCommerce Software

Here is a list of some solutions with estimated total costs for building online store. Determining the answers to these questions can help you determine your ecommerce website cost up front. The eCommerce development company you choose will certainly affect website pricing. A higher-priced company usually will provide more top-end work, while going overseas to save money often results in headaches and 2 a.m.

Here are some of the main costs involved in building an ecommerce website:

For instance, a plugin to add a contact form to a fully-fledged membership site. And allows multiple contributors to create, edit, and publish content on your site. Again, depending on your site’s complexity and customization, you can get a CMS solution from $1 to $25,000. So the cost comes down to the size and complexity of your website (and who’s building it).

What is the Cost of eCommerce Software

Website maintenance is crucial, even while it could cost a little more than you’d like to pay and you might not immediately notice its advantages. This platform enables a wide range of SaaS platform-based features and business strategies. ecomm construction software You must purchase a monthly subscription to this platform ranging from $29.95 to $299.95. Having your website allows you to market directly to customers and website visitors, which is one of its most significant benefits.


It’s important to choose a plugin or template that provides the features and functionality that you need, while also being easy to integrate and use with your React app. Now that you have a rundown of ecommerce website costs, it’s time to continue your own research. As aforementioned, customizations cost a bit more, and so if you wish to get extended support services, you will have to cater for the additional cost. Here, you will have to consider aspects such as evaluations done on your site. These include audits and tests to check for quality, security, features, and support.

  • Typically, the price you pay at an auction or from a private seller will be higher than the price you pay at a store.
  • Finding the right one without knowledge about website building services costs time and money.
  • Magento’s flexibility can also be a liability for newer users who aren’t able to navigate its complexity without considerable difficulty.
  • Try Cloudways for faster performance, managed security, and 24/7 support.
  • The annual cost of registering a domain name is usually between $2 and $20.
  • If you want to target lots of different niches in your customer base, you’ll need lots of text-only pages.
  • In some ways, an eCommerce sale is like a race; if all other factors are equal, whoever has the easiest to shop website and is found first on Google or other advertising channels wins.

If you’re tight on money, it’s possible to design and start your online store for less than $500. On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend big to get everything just right, it’s not out of the question for your costs to reach well into the five figures. There are a countless number of ecommerce platforms to consider, with each one having its own set of pros and cons. When choosing a platform, consider your payment processing options.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Help Determine Website Cost

So much so, regardless of the services and channels, you wish to use for your site, while making a budget, remain open-minded and consider improvisions. These aspects have to work seamlessly; otherwise, they are useless. The more the customization, specification and better security, you will have to pay for top-dollar to get the best. While you can be sure that your storefront will look flawless, there are just a few small things in the backend we’d like to see improved. Automatic tax rates, for the moment, are only available in the US . Same goes for real-time shipping rates – these apply to domestic deliveries within the US only.

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