Gloucester pushes for Royal Status

The city of Gloucester could soon be called ‘Royal Gloucester’. That’s if a campaign by city councillors is successful. Yesterday a motion was passed in a council meeting in which leaders gave the go ahead for the process to begin to obtain royal status.

Gloucester does have some historical links within British royalty. King Edward II is buried in the city whilst Henry III was crowned in Gloucester cathedral. Councillors believe this coronation, which marks the first monarch to be crowned outside London since the Battle of Hastings, makes it an appropriate time to apply for the royal title.

Paul James, leader of Gloucester City Council is at the forefront of the campaign for Gloucester’s elevated royal status. Mr James believes there is no time like the present to press ahead with the idea.

“Gloucester has got royal connections dating back centuries, and we celebrate the coronation of Henry III in Gloucester cathedral this year, so that’s the reason we’ve chosen this timing to raise the issue”.

Mr James continued to say that public support was vital for the process to go further but there have already been comments which state that Gloucester isn’t deserving of a royal title. They are also complaints that time and resources should be spent elsewhere, but Mr James says that this hasn’t become their main priority.

“Some people may say we haven’t completed the city’s regeneration yet, which we haven’t; there’s still a lot to do. In reality the amount of time that’s being sent on this is minimal. We are not going to divert any resources from more pressing issues and we are still dealing with those issues”.

“We will need to demonstrate enough public support for Gloucester being granted royal status as possible, for the campaign to be a success”.

The journey for Gloucester to become ‘Royal Gloucester’ remains premature but progress is being made and it remains to be seen whether the council are successful with their case.

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