Flooding fears raised by housing plans

Concern for Gloucestershire as new plans for housing could see a repeat of 2007.

The summer of 2007 saw Gloucestershire hit with the worst flooding that the County has seen in 100 years, and with plans for housing development in the near future it is unclear how the management of flooding will be controlled.

Peter Jeffries a local councillor from the Springbank area has said that “there is very real concern that where flooding occurs this will be worsened by this development.”

Gloucester County Council and Cheltenham Borough Council were contacted about this serious matter, however no comments were made.

Cheltenham was hit by flash floods in June causing severe damage to properties and businesses.

According to RICS it could cost up to £30,000 to repair a house which has been hit by flood damage.

Tewkesbury was hit by devastating flood damage in the summer of 2007 which saw the town transformed into an inaccessible island.

Now, with the prospect of 5,000 new homes across the Cheltenham area in the next ten years, fears over flooding are back on the agenda.

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