Editors Letter: Project Crisis 19th Dec 2019

Today marks the penultimate Newsday for our Crisis project. It’s also the second to last day of term before everyone disappears and becomes all Christmassy, and so as you would imagine, attention spans are stretching. We want to open presents and eat chocolate.

Nevertheless, we’re soldiering on and determined to finish what we started. Last week saw us break routine and deliver a Park Life Election Special, but a smattering of filming kit across the Newsroom floor this morning assured me that people had been out gathering content. The ‘Highstreet Crisis’ story is coming on leaps and bounds after Sabrina bagged an interview with the head of the Cheltenham BID team, Kevin Blackadder.

The group chat hasn’t had a day off in about a month and survey monkey have secured themselves a tidy Christmas bonus after we all rushed to get a variety of ‘voices’ to use in our stories. Samii secured a lengthy response from Glos Live’s Breaking News Editor, Phil Norris and I learnt that people spending money on presents don’t want to talk about having to spend more money on upgrading their diesel motors. Regardless, the stories surrounding the trust in news and diesel cars are shaping up and beginning to look publishable.

Our topics are still loosely strung around the titles Health, Social Issues, Environment and Media and focus on the overarching theme Crisis 2020. In this we explore the meaning of crisis when applied to these different areas in Cheltenham and look at what next year holds for us.

The plan is to complete the project by 20/01/20 but I think its safe to say there’s still work to do before we get there and plenty of engagement logs to fill out before we submit. Still, at least the due date is easy to remember…

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