Editors Letter #2

The second round of news-days are upon us and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we are raring to go. All 4 branches of the Parklife Newsroom having been working throughout the week to ensure the highest standard of journalism is brought to you through the Parklife website. That means today we hit the ground running, with not only content being pushed out through social media and various other formats, we also have begun the planning of our very own Parklife Podcasts. Culture & Identity have taken the lead on podcasting, with their recording being done this week. The Parklife team continue to search for exclusives and cutting edge journalism to produce, with interviews with experts being conducted regularly.


This week we have been busy working on our stories for our podcast. We have been talking to local politicians and getting ourselves ready for an interesting debate. Politics is always changing, and with the possibility of not leaving the EU on 31st October, and a suggested general election, it’s an exciting time to dig through Cheltenham’s political future. 


In the lifestyle team, we’re talking podcasts and new year’s resolutions. We’ve spent the day milling over various ideas for a podcast about our ever-changing lifestyles in Cheltenham, and whether we can realistically stick to our resolutions. From eating and drinking to shopping and spending, we’ve explored how we should be changing our lifestyles in the future for the benefit of the planet, Cheltenham, and ourselves. 

Culture & Identity

We have been working on our podcast for the majority of the day. We started off in the morning by creating a rough edit of our clips and music that we are going to use for the podcast. Because we were focusing on our podcast today, we did not get any output on the website, so we will be doing more of that tomorrow. We had a few social media posts, including a survey. 

Technology & Environment

Another week, another news-day. Like last week, we in the Technology and Environment department are diving into the deepest depths of Cheltenham to discover what the future holds for our area. Talking to local businesses about the town going green in the future as well identifying what we as the inhabitants can do to halt the pressing climate issue. After a successful first week of news-days we are looking forward to pushing out some great content through the website and the various social media platforms.

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