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Christmas cheer with pine needles and pedals

There’s something quite Harry Potter-ish about The Bicycle Hub in Cheltenham. 

For a start – its address –  278 Gloucester Road, Cheltenham Railway Station, Platform 2, Cheltenham. 

And while passengers on the 8.28am London Paddington to Cheltenham – calling at Reading, Didcot Parkway, Swindon, Kemble, Stroud, Stonehouse, Gloucester and Cheltenham Spa – are quite used to seeing new and repaired bikes occupying, from time to time, the Bicycle Hub’s bit of platform; they are in for a surprise.                          

It’s not hocus pocus or Professor McGonagall’s shape-changing spell, it’s simply that around eight years ago Steve Short, 65, owner of The Bicycle Hub and sister company Compass Holidays, decided to branch out.  

So, it’s business as usual for bike repairs and sales; but all through December The Bicycle Hub will also be selling Christmas trees.

There’s a loyal following for both bikes and trees. And these are not your glitzy, synthetic Christmas trees or clever Christmas tree imitations; they are real, fresh, Nordmann Fir trees sustainably grown in the Mendips in Somerset.

Ranging from 5ft to 10ft there’s likely a tree for every taste – although the six foot and seven footers seem to be the most popular this year (Steve is already filling advance orders). And whilst the seasonal gripe is falling needles, Steve has some great tips for keeping your Christmas tree in top shape for the whole festive period:

It may well be a case of a vanishing spell at The Bicycle Hub this year as trees disappear very quickly, going to households keen to celebrate Christmas traditionally and in style – an opportunity to briefly banish the Covid blues.  And for those not able to leave their homes, if you live in Cheltenham, give The Bicycle Hub a ring, 01242 231 690, and Steve will deliver them to your doorstep – for free – as if by magic.

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