Chaos as the University of Gloucestershire announces afternoon power-cut

A scheduled power cut is set to cause disruption at the University of Gloucestershire. At 3pm the power will be turned off for approximately one hour at Park Campus, in a bid to and reset the power system.  This will mean students and staff will be unable to use any of the systems or rooms during this time.


This means our television news bulletin will now start at 2:30pm, rather than the normal time of 4pm. The Editor Lily Waring however insists ‘It is all under control’.



This comes days after an unexpected power cut, which left students at all three campuses unable to access the online system and led to many complaining of lost work.

‘We are paying eight grand a year, I expected better if I am honest’, said a disgruntled student.

The university announced that any deadlines for Tuesday 17th November till Friday 20th November will be automatically extended until Monday 23rd November.

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