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Bull Flag Pattern: What It Is & Examples

rising bull flag

Some bears also go in, hoping that the price will decline. A sharp uptrend should always precede the pattern followed by a correction. The pattern is short-term because it’s just a consolidation within the overall trend. The correction or the pattern term depends on the timeframe.

rising bull flag

But chart patterns can represent an area where supply or demand may increase or decrease. Bull flags have been examined by many traders for their accuracy. According to the book, Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns by Thomas Bulkowski, he found that bull flags had a 64% win rate of reaching their price targets (1). Moving averages can be used with bull flags without any issues. A trader will usually use the moving average to trail a winning trade from a bull flag breakout.

Bullish Flag Formation Signaling a Move Higher

In the chart below, we see GBP/USD price movements on a daily basis. The flagpole (the blue ascending trend line) covers the beginning of an uptrend. After a short-term peak is created, the price action corrects lower to around 50% of the initial move.

rising bull flag

The bull Flag pattern is one of the favorite patterns for a day trader. The hard part is recognizing the pattern in a timely manner. Bear flags are considered as an extremely reliable price pattern when all their unique formations are correctly identified and measured.

Example #3: Intraday Bull Flags With A Losing Trade

In the chart below, we see that the USD/JPY formed a bullish flag. In the first instance, the price dropped to the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level. Had it dropped below the 50% retracement, the pattern would have been invalidated. Meanwhile, the period of bear flag formation tends to coincide with declining trading volumes.

  • These patterns are considered continuation patterns in technical analysis terms, as they have a habit of occurring before the trend which preceded their formation is continued.
  • Instead of a rectangular outline of the flag, the pennant consolidates the stock in what looks like a triangle with the top line descending and the bottom line ascending.
  • They are called bull flags because the pattern resembles a flag on a pole.
  • The breakout occurs once the buyers reassume control of the price action after a temporary pause in the uptrend.
  • The following Bitcoin (BTC) price pattern between December 2020 and February 2021 shows a successful bull flag breakout setup.

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