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Technical analysis and chart pattern recognition take a lot of time for many traders. By using Autochartist, you can dedicate your time to developing new ideas and strategies. Over the last years, Autochartist has partnered with leading Forex brokers in the market, including the ones licensed under the regulatory frameworks of leading agencies. Many have said that the Autochartist chart patterns indicator is among the best indicators in Forex.

  • Not only making Autochartist available for MT4, Pepperstone gives access to the tool for its demo web-based platform.
  • If you click the “Show Predicted Trading Ranges” option, you’ll see the expected trading ranges as well as the position sizes for the various levels.
  • Still, traders may need to consider that ThinkZero applies commission from $3.5 per side for every 1000,000 trading volumes.
  • Identifying and acting on patterns to identify opportunities in the market is the backbone of technical analysis.
  • If traders want to find a broker that provides low spreads, fast execution, and award-winning support, then the answer is Pepperstone.
  • Fast notifications to keep traders informed on market activities.
  • The trading tool belongs to a third party, and it might be risky to depend on an outsider’s analysis in your trading.

InstaForex also provides video tutorials on how to register on each platform. It aims to make it easy for beginner traders who want to join InstaForex. Essentially, a chartist believes that the price movement is not random and can be predicted by studying the charts and past trends. For instance, a chartist would search for head and shoulder patterns and resistance and then analyze it further with the rest of the chart. This method is part of the technical analysis in forex trading because they don’t use fundamental aspects in their calculations . Therefore, a chartist can also be referred to as a “technical analyst”.


Based on the “Market Watch” in your terminal, the tick box labeled “Display all symbols” will display all relevant symbols or instruments that Autochartist has identified for your broker. If you’re installing the Autochartist MetaTrader Plugin as a broker-user, enter your email address and hit Save. Please check the email you received from Autochartist for your username and password . If you are a Direct user, please check the email you received from Autochartist for your username and password. Free of cost if you are a client of one of the Forex brokers listed on their website.

autochartist brokers

Traders can pay deposits via Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, PayCo, as well as Wire Transfer. All in all, InstaForex is a well-rounded broker for many types of traders. The trader can also help themselves with trading calculators provided on the InstaForex website. Traders can accumulate currency pairs, Leverage, volume, and currency used.

Autochartist Features

Autochartist now brings the world’s first market scanner directly to the MT4 platform, saving valuable time by allowing traders to watch all symbols and all time periods from a single chart. Get inspiration from our market reports that are being updated daily to enhance trading signals by autochartist your trading experience. Stay informed about upcoming high impact economic releases and get a technical outlook of the Forex markets before the opening of major financial centres. The site contains links to websites controlled or offered by third parties.

autochartist brokers

So, a trader does not need to go back and forth while using the web interface. You can also get the QR code from the broker’s trading platform. Under NAVIGATOR, click on EXPERT ADVISOR and select AUTOCHARTIST. Click on ok, and on the pop-up options, click on the tab with the mobile phone icon.

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However, this facility is not available for forex demo accounts. You have to open a live account with a minimum deposit of $10,000 to get free access. SaxoTraderPRO is suitable for use by advanced traders and institutional clients, which trade faster via quick-close all features and view exchange order books and execution reports in real-time. On the other hand, Saxo TraderGO is a platform for retail traders. This type of platform offers easy portfolio management from a single account.

A few brokers offer it for FREE regardless of the type of account or your frequency of trading. The brokerage has a long history in the market and operates under the license of tier-1 regulators. The company is also publicly listed on the London stock exchange. This makes it a secure broker to trade with, especially if you mean to use autochartist. As for safety, Pepperstone is one of the most trusted brokers in the market. The broker operates with more than 5 regulatory licenses, including two tier-1 and tier-2 bodies.

Autochartist tools – MT4 plugin

Identified instances of extremely big market movements, which could lead to a continuation of the current pattern. By providing the relevant credentials, you can switch between a Broker and a Direct user account. The first window will prompt you to choose the language that will be displayed during the installation. Obtain the MetaTrader platform installation file and login credentials from your broker. Enables a trader to monitor hundreds of assets on a 24×7 basis. For example, a pattern with the length of 20 found on H1 chart would mean that the pattern was formed over 20 hours.

autochartist brokers

When installing the plugin, if your MetaTrader terminal was not listed during the detection step, press the “Add Additional…” button. Here you can swap between a Broker user account, or a Direct user account, by providing the necessary credentials. Available directly on the company’s website and you can see them after you sign in to your account. On OfferZen, companies reach out to you with upfront role, tech stack and salary info so you can choose opportunities that resonate with you from the get-go. Successful candidates are usually required to complete at least one online brain bench () assessment, which takes around an hour.

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Since 2004 Autochartist has partnered with many of the world’s leading online brokers across the globe. Autochartist services millions of traders in over 100 countries through its vast broker partnerships. Autochartist distributes thousands of trade setups, articles, and social media posts on a daily basis in more than 30 languages. The company prides itself on its core commitment to service excellence and ongoing market leadership through developing innovative new products. We picked the best brokers with autochartist based on our trading data and experience as a trader.

Why use Autochartist?

They are fully customizable for different markets or instruments and are available in a diversity of languages. The program also offers ‘Event Impact Analysis’, which is very simple to read and it showcases the impact that different events have on the Forex market. Provide currency trading alerts and allow traders to instantly identify the latest market opportunities through the trading platform.

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