Covid is on its way out, pubs are opening and festivals are just over the horizon. The summer of 2021 is surely going to be one to remember. The experience of a festival may not be all that it seems so let me walk you through what you’re in for from my own and others experiences. Even if you’re a novice or expert in the arts of head bangers and extensive drinking, this should put forward some tips before you embark on a weekend of not washing, mosh pits and plenty of other events that you’ll most likely forget the morning after.

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So, before any great event Is the preparation, and before I say anything, take bottled water… a lot of it, you think you’re just going to get up after a heavy night and not need hydration then you’re massively mistaken. If you’re going to remember at least one item, water is number one without a doubt, you’ll thank me later, not just a couple of bottles either, take jugs of the stuff. So now the important stuff is out of the way, let me enlighten you on festival saving items, tip and tricks.


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Now you’ll be on the move constantly depending on who you’re with, who you’re going to watch and how big the festival is, making the most of your time there is crucial and I’m sure you don’t want to spend most of it looking for your tent to grab some cash.

2. Hat

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We all know the weather in the UK tends to switch on a dime, so a hat can adapt to this, cold outside? Put a hat on. Sun in your eyes? Get that hat out. Want to keep some cash hidden, use that trusty hat, an item so light yet has so many uses.

3. Foldable chair

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If you’ve parked your tents close to the music then you may not need to get up, even into the later hours of the evening, having a set of chairs you and your friends can place in a circle makes talking about the previous nights events a bit easier, instead of sitting on that oh so soggy ground.

4.Hand sanitiser

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I’m sure you’re aware that camping isn’t the cleanest activity, sleeping in that cheap pop up tent that you’ll get rid of at the end really won’t hold up if the weather takes a turn, so maintaining some sort of sanity with some sanitiser boost spirits during those slow mornings.

5. Toilet paper

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Yes, toilet paper… a common necessity that will be considered gold dust during festival times, knowing that thousands of people would’ve shared the same toilet, to give you that peace of mind when using your own, clean toilet paper will go a long way in maintaining your hygiene. This stuff will become so scarce you could even pass it off for real cash if you pitch the right deal.

So, there you go, 5 items that will make your festival experience that much better. Do with this information what you will and thank me later. There are many items that haven’t been mentioned but that’s where your own intuition come into play, be prepared and enjoy your summer.

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