Addiction to Prescriptions

Painkiller addictions are becoming more and more of a problem in Britain, with the high profile case of Ant McPartlin bringing the issue to light recently. Patients are being prescribed perfectly legal drugs for injuries, but many are becoming dependent on them even after fully recovering. Rose (not her real name) was in a car […]


Social media harnessed by scientists tackling addiction 

Scientists have revealed they could use social media to monitor posts from drug addicts. Social media platforms are the latest scientific research method to discover more about physical addictions. Recent research conducted by Dartmouth, Stanford University and IBM research explores the effectiveness of sharing personal problems with addictions online. Sunny Jung Kim, lead author and […]


£6.60 for a non-alcoholic pint or £3.40 for a pint of beer? One of the challenges facing alcoholics in Cheltenham

The professional who goes to the pub after work every day. The family that have a bottle of wine with their dinner each night. The student who drinks daily with their friends. Are those that are alcohol dependent merely functioning alcoholics? I have many friends who wouldn’t think twice about having alcohol every day, this […]