Stroud freedom rally organisers fined £10k

The organisers of a protest in Stroud against lockdown were given a £10,000 fine by local police, after giving a speech about ‘standing up to tyranny’.

The freedom rally in Stroud went ahead on Saturday (07/11/2020) against the ruling of Stroud Council, who had denied permission for the rally to take place. The event had been promoted by Covid conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn, who was expected to speak at the event but was a no show.

People began gathering at Stratford Park at around 12.30pm, and within half an hour almost 100 people were in attendance, around an area near the park’s entrance.

More than 15 officers attended the rally in Stroud where the vast majority of people dispersed. However, three arrests were made and a number of fixed penalty notices were given in relation to violations of Coronavirus restrictions.

A 74-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man were arrested when they refused to give their names to police, who were trying to issue them with fines for not leaving the area. Another woman, 46, was also arrested under the Coronavirus Act.

The organisers of the rally were also given a fine of £10,000.

Gloucestershire Police have said “ We have been and will continue to enforce the current regulations throughout the lockdown period.’” 

Gloucestershire Police have also stated that they strongly advise everyone to stay away from any planned protest or gatherings during this lockdown period in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

For more information on the current government restrictions visit:

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