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Slowly but surely the water returns

Water has began to return to some parts of Tewkesbury!Whilst the whole town is yet to be completely hydrated, a few homes and businesses such as The Gupshill Manor and The Kingfisher chip shop can now run its’ taps. 


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‘Brexit isn’t that complicated’ says Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has ‘vowed to sort Brexit in six months’ as he hits the general election campaign trial today against Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 


Sabrina takes Montpellier 


One lane closed as investigation into body found on M5 continues 

After a body was found in the early hours of Wednesday morning, a lane has been closed and a speed limit has been put in place on the M5. 

At about 4:20am yesterday morning, a police investigation began into a body that was found between Junction 11a and junction 12 at Gloucester and Quedgeley. 

This section of the motorway was completely closed off which caused huge delays for commuters which included cancelled buses and delayed trains too.

Gloucestershire Constabulary investigators are still trying to put together what happened during yesterday’s awful event, so a 40mph speed limit has been put in place as well as the shut off of the inside lane. 


Tewkesbury runs out of water after burst pipe in town

The people of Tewkesbury woke up this morning to the fact that they have no water.

Severn Trent reported a large pipe had burst in the early hours of the morning, leaving many of those living in and around Tewkesbury with dry taps.

The town’s biggest supermarket, Morrisons, were quick to empty their shelves, having all their water bottles sold not long after 8am. Other shops such as Co-op and Aldi had no water on offer not long afterwards. 

Severn Tent have released a statement to say they are working with their most vulnerable customers to ensure they have water delivered.


Good morning! 

Hi guys, it’s Amy Bailey here reporting about Cheltenham 2020 from University of Gloucestershire’s BA Journalism team. Today we’ve got a Halloween special including interviews with guest speakers, a lifestyle debate, questioning the future of Cheltenham. And how could we forget Brexit? After all, today was supposed to be the day we left the EU!


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Gloucestershire MP says ‘hands off my constituency’

Gloucestershire MP David Drew is campaigning to stop his constituency being broken up.

He has called on the government to drop a review of the boundaries of his Stroud parliamentary seat.

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Gloucester prison: a look into life behind bars

The smell of damp, dust and old food is one I’ll never forget. As I walked around Gloucester Prison, the smells followed me.

The cells were old and smelled like mildew and mould. The kitchens smelled like month-old cabbage. The chapel smelled like old dusty books. You could even smell body odour in one of the wings.

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Last minute Brexit “breakthrough” has been agreed

After months of negotiations Britain has struck a last minute deal to move vital talks with the EU to the next phase.

There will be no ‘hard border’ with Ireland, the Brexit bill will cost somewhere between £35bn and £39bn, and both EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU will have their rights protected.

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The impact of TV shows on Domestic Violence

Image: Flickr

Domestic Violence is a storyline which is prevalent in many TV shows around the world, particularly in the UK.

Hollyoaks is the latest soap to reveal that they will be producing a Domestic Violence storyline for 2018, starting at the end of January.

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Investigation underway as reports of fire outbreak in Cirencester

A fire was reported at Kemble Drive in Cirencester this morning.

At 7:04am, a fire engine arrived on the scene just three minutes after the the incident had been reported.

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Have you spotted these wanted people in Gloucestershire? The Police are urging you to contact 101.

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Cheltenham business failing to pay minimum wage

Blushes Hairdressing Ltd in Cheltenham has failed to pay more than £1,000 worth of wages to two of its  employees.

The business was identified alongside 260 other employers across England and Wales as underpaying staff by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. This means that more than 16,000 people worked for less than the minimum wage.

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Alarm as child porn video is shared in at least one Gloucestershire school

A 25 year old man from Stockport has been arrested in connection with a sexually explicit video of a child which is being shared throughout schools across the country.

Gloucestershire police have urged parents to search their children’s phones for a sexually explicit video featuring a unknown child and teenager after it became evident that the video had been shared in at least one Gloucestershire school.

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Sexism: will it being classed as a hate crime dwindle the numbers of sexual assault?

It happened to me this morning on my way to university. I was standing at the bus stop, listening to my music and waiting for my bus, when another pulled in and off came the passengers.

One man got off in amongst the few; he was shorter than the average height, and had to be in his late fifties early sixties. Despite the huge, empty space in front of me, he decided to walk into my personal space, his face no more than six inches from my breasts, and decided to have an eyeful and mutter something to himself.

As I had my headphones in, I didn’t hear what he said. And to be honest, I don’t think I want to know what it was. But this wasn’t the first incident.

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Should there be a law against sexual harassment, and is it a hate crime?

It started with Harvey Weinstein, one of the biggest names in cinema, then went global with the #metoo Twitter hashtag before engulfing the UK’s members of Parliament.

The sex scandal spanning Hollywood, Parliament and beyond has exposed a possible gap in UK legislation – sexual harassment is not actually a criminal offence in its own right.

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Should more action be taken to tackle knife crime? Osob Elmi reports.

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Crime rates in Gloucester nearly two thirds higher than county average

Gloucester is the most dangerous place to live in the county according to the crime statistics released by the office for national statistics (ONS).

The crime rate in Gloucester is nearly two thirds higher than that for the Gloucestershire area.

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Police are urging witnesses to contact Crimestoppers after a woman was attacked in Gloucestershire. Olivia Scull reports.

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Cheltenham committed to reducing hate crimes including sexism

Following discussions that misogyny may become a 6th strand of hate crime, Cheltenham Borough council have announced their support to combat the issue.

Currently offenders targeting race, disability and sexuality can be classed as aggravated offences, resulting in longer sentences, but hatred towards gender is not included.

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Gloucestershire police are on the hunt for rapist after woman suffers assualt

Gloucestershire police have started searching for a rapist who forced a woman into a van before assaulting her.

The attack happened after the victim found a Transit van in the driveway of Elmgrove Road, Gloucester, at around 10am yesterday.

The driver forced the women into the vehicle just before attacking her.

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Check out the lunchtime bulletin with UoGlos LIVE journalist Sophie Archer.

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Gloucestershire parents fined more than £19,000 for holidays in term time

Figures have revealed the number of £60 fines that have been handed out to parents in the region for term time holidays and for children’s ‘irregular attendance’ over the past two years.

Statistics obtained through a freedom of information request showed that Gloucestershire County Council has collected £19,885 in fines since 2015/16.

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Skillzone: Gloucester’s crime fighting life-size village

What would you do if a fire broke out in your house? Or you witnessed a robbery in your local shop? At Skillzone in Gloucester, you can learn how to safely deal with all these situations and more.

The state of the art facility, which includes a house, train station, corner shop and bus works as a training centre for emergency personnel, but also teaches members of the community how to recognise and cope with dangerous situations.

The centre works with people of all ages; from Year Five school pupils who are beginning to be independent but need some guidance, to elderly people that want to keep busy.

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Hate crimes rise by 21% in Gloucestershire

The number of hate crimes have risen in Gloucestershire, according to the Liberal Democrats.

The statistics obtained via a Freedom of Information request have revealed the total number of hate crime in 2017 had increased by 21% since last year.

The latest information reveals 343 incidences of hate crime have been reported to Gloucestershire Constabulary over the past year. Lib Dem Councillor and Spokesperson for Fighting Crime in Gloucestershire, David Brown, has said race is a high contributing factor in regards to hate crime, with 263 incidents being recorded.

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Do you put your milk in first or last? UoGlos LIVE Journalist Lisa Capener tells us more.

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UPDATE: #GLOSSAYSNOMORE Gloucestershire campaigns against Domestic Violence

Image: Howard Lake

Organisations in Gloucestershire have come together to support the UK SAYS NO MORE Campaign with their own hashtag GLOSSAYSNOMORE

UK SAYS NO MORE is a national campaign that recognises and raises awareness for domestic violence and sexual assault, with the aim of bringing it to an end.

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UoGlos LIVE journalist Kamal Sultan reports on the award winning documentary ‘Unrest’ shortlisted for an Oscar nomination, created by a lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire.


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Over 200 guns surrendered in Gloucestershire

202 firearms have been handed in to Gloucestershire Constabulary during Operation Aztecs gun surrender. Gloucestershire police are the first to implement the nationwide surrender, which saw 6 times the amount of guns and firearms handed in the last firearms surrender in 2014.

The operation was organised by NABIS (National Ballistics Intelligence services) to encourage people to hand in their firearms anonymously without the fear of prosecution. The massive increase in the amount of guns being handed in is being put down increased awareness of gun and terror related crime as well as the success of the pervious surrender.

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DECEMBER 08: Gloucestershire Weather Forecast

Image: Sam Phillips for UoGlos LIVE

SNOW has fallen in some areas this morning with a light dusting affecting western areas of the county.

The light snowfall is expected to continue to fall at various times during the weekend.

Temperatures across the county will reach highs of up to just 4°C later on in the day.

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