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How to make your Christmas wrapping paper more sustainable

Wrapping gifts, which originated in ancient China, has become a global tradition. In fact, gifting a present without wrapping it can be considered rude. With COP-26 it’s our responsibility to begin questioning whether these long-standing traditions are harming our planet. 

When gifting season rolls up the vast majority of wrapping paper can’t be recycled since it contains plastic. Even if something can be recycled, many Britons aren’t doing their part when it comes to recycling. It was estimated in 2017 that 114,000 tonnes of wrapping paper would be thrown away and not recycled in the UK at Christmas.

To check if you can recycle your wrapping paper a simple test has been introduced. The Scrunch Test. As the name suggests you scrunch up a ball of wrapping paper. If it stays you can recycle it, if it doesn’t you can’t. 

So, what can we do this Christmas? Aside from the scrunch test, we can go out of our way to buy recyclable wrapping paper. @Ecoboy is a small business that makes environmentally friendly wrapping paper. He paints small designs on them, which are made of paper and can be recycled after use.

The face behind Ecoboy is Zack Turner. He decided to create the business during the first lockdown when he was 16. Furloughed and bored out of his mind, he approached the Prince’s Trust for assistance in obtaining the funds he needed to get started. Zack’s business started out small, but with Christmas 2021 rapidly approaching, some of his newest products are already sold out.

The business became so successful that he managed to drop out of his university to pursue Ecoboy full time. As well as wrapping paper he also provides sustainable options for things such as tape, cards and gift tags. 

With more companies on the rise like Ecoboy, the hope is that in the future we all will be using recyclable wrapping paper full-time.

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