Coronavirus pandemic and social gathering restrictions have lead to a decision that trick or treating will not be happening this year.

Following the government, strict guidelines in different areas in the county will not allow children and adults to fully celebrate Halloween.

More than ever, the events organisers are experiencing a massive decline in business due to a pause in the purchasing of decorations and costumes.

In comparison, By 2018 at least 400 million British pounds had been spent on Halloween products. With the Halloween tradition revolving around an industry that ranges from decorations to clothing, confectionery, and food

Cheltenham plays host to at least 30 significant festivals each year and just last year has been officially named as the Festival Town in 2019.

Early October is when party businesses like Balloons and Parties Shop are packed with children, students, and adults to find new outfits to honor the Halloween tradition.

Caroline Stevens, Owner of Ultimate Party shop says the pandemic has “really hit [even organizers and retailers] so we’re hoping people will have safe parties at home”

and encourages the public to “help out their local businesses because if not, they wont be [there] by next year”

she claims as “Every event has been cancelled for the next six-months”

But fear not, there are other ways to enjoy all things spooky indoors and possibly outdoor in a safe and sanitized space

Pumpkin picking will still be available for the public to visit in farms like the Primrose Vale.

Primrose has been known for its interactive puzzle trail every year for Halloween. The farm site would have photo gallery stands and puzzles that children can enjoy and create memorable moments with their family.

As a compromise, the farm has created an interactive one-way system pumpkin patch picking. A halloween walk-through and a chance to meet ‘monsters’ on site.

You can visit their site or book your place in cheltenham festival website

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