Climate Protests: When is it too Far?

It has been a wild year of environmental protests, we have seen Greta Thunberg’s Stockholm speech, school climate strikes so it’s no surprise it’s continuing into the winter months.

Keeping you in touch with climate protests is us, Phoebe and Emily, telling you what on earth happened on the M25, why fast fashion is so bad and who is pulling the most notable climate stunts.

M25 Insulate Britain protests 

A group of climate change protesters have gained a lot of popularity over the past few weeks under the name Insulate Britain. 

The climate activists glued their hands to the M25 on September 13th and since then have continued to block the motorway and even staged sit ins on busy London roads. 

Their aim is to ensure the government better insulate all social houses by 2025, this will result in reducing CO2 emissions and ultimately make Britain greener. 

According to Insulate Britain, 2020 alone 2.5 million British homes were responsible for the same level of emissions as all the countries car emissions combines. Although their methods may be extreme, the word is getting out.

Insulate Britain hold a national open zoom call every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, so if you are keen to get involved then why not join the call here

Extinction Rebellion stole the show

Extinction Rebellion stole the show at the Louis Vuitton catwalk this Tuesday at Paris Fashion week. Holding a sign saying ‘Overconsumption = Extinction’, the single protester went against fast fashion at the Louvre art gallery, joining in with the models.

She was representing three environmental protest groups, XR as well as Amis de la Terre (Friends of the Earth) France and Youth for Climate. They called on the government to enforce “an immediate cut in production levels in the sector, given that 42 items of clothing were sold per person in France in 2019”.

The stunt is not a rare one, having taken place last year at Dior’s catwalk show, and security was quick to act, soon tackling the protester to the ground and escorting her out. 30 protesters in total were involved in the stunt but only 2 were arrested.

Louis Vuitton have yet to comment when asked by Agence France Presse.

Take a listen to our podcast all about climate protests down below:

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