Cleaning companies coping with covid-19

To clean, contaminate and prevent. More than ever before, hygiene is a top priority to ensure the safety of everyone. From Government officials declaring mandatory mask-wearers in public transport to buildings and homes filled with multiple antibacterial gel dispensers in every corner of their facilities.

With a second wave fear in the increasing covid-19 positive patients, we all fear that another lockdown will halt and diminish all the hard work that every community has worked so hard to get back. 

Today marks the appreciation day for the ‘unseen’ workers. Custodian workers who operate tirelessly to ensure the indoor spaces you enter is clean and sanitised. Cleaners recognises the implications of their jobs during the coronavirus outbreak. They are our first line of defence against bacteria and germs entering our homes and workplace.

For Imogen, franchise Owner and manager of Molly Maid, the cleaning company franchise had to shut down their business early into the Covid-19 outbreak, as both customers and staff felt uncomfortable about the situaion all together.

Imogen claimed that despite government guidelines to ensure safety  for everyone, it is not entirely guaranteed.

the major significant change that most businesses  have to face is making sure that government guidlines are strictly followed.

Sheryl Fry, Host Compliance of  Ecocleen said that “[they] are constantly listening out and  refreshing the HCE Government guidelines. In terms of what kind of machinery is needed or what kind of cleaning products [they] have to use.’

Ecocleen has also had to compromise with their staffing because the work had to be paused, due to fears over entering homes that could potentially have people with coronavirus.

“I can say that it has definitely shifted slightly with demand in cleaning offices and customers requesting to have their homes cleaned, but in the same way, people still have that fear [of catching the virus]”


Molly Maid has come up with a new series of procedures called ‘Our home Safe measures’ which covers both the government legislations and recommendations as well as a step-by-step guide they have created for employees to have in front of them and operate in.

Molly maid has also previously released a product called Extra Protect which has been proven to kill coronaviruses

 In addition, they make sure all customers are provided with all the information they need to reasure them.

Sara Little, Director of Into cleaning company claims that their staff are constantly advised with the kind of products they must use, specifically antiviral disinfectant products.

“Our cleaning staff ensures that all the touch points are to be sprayed and sanitised, specially in places like doctor surgeries”

In this vulnerable times, the cleaning staff has proven that their ‘thankless jobs’ should be taken into consideration more.

What to take into consideration:

(1) Be kind and Be responsible

As much as cleaning staff entering your homes or facilities, likewise you make sure that you are not exposing them to any danger. Use appropriate products at home to ensure the safety of yourselves and those you invite into your home.

(2) Be attentive

National custodian day is a perfect day to remind you and your peers to be more grateful and show appreciation to your care takers and cleaner staffs. Being attentive will allow you to be more careful of your surrounding. If its something you are capable of doing, go beyond that extra help to keep everyone clean and happy,

(3) When in doubt, say your thanks

whether big or small, any sign of thankful gestures will always be welcomed. Not only will this let the cleaning staff know you respect their jobs, you may also inspire them to maintain their job well done.

Imogen’s message to her staff :

I always give them good encouragement when we have customers feedback. I know that it’s hard work cleaning. I know how it can be frustrating when things change. and particularly for getting back out there. I am appreciative of he fact that it is a difficult time for everyone. I think they all really pulled together. there’s been a lot of comradery and hat’s off to them for pulling it together.

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