Health: Coronavirus

Daily Covid-19 Updates As the UK government encourage more people to vaccinate, the Unmasked Health Team offer you a daily dose of information regarding the coronavirus statistics. More than just the numbers, we will ensure to include news stories that cover not only the figures but the people behind the data. We will be investigating […]


Charity stops taking volunteers on for Christmas during the second lockdown

December is approaching which means it’s that time of the year where families gather to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. But an entirely different level of uncertainty lingers in the public due to fear over the second lockdown affecting the annual Christmas holiday. This 2020, Christmas will be different.  For some, Christmas will be […]


Halloween cancelled? Cheltenham business owner seems to think so

Coronavirus pandemic and social gathering restrictions have lead to a decision that trick or treating will not be happening this year. Following the government, strict guidelines in different areas in the county will not allow children and adults to fully celebrate Halloween. More than ever, the events organisers are experiencing a massive decline in business […]