Trick or treat yourself, get your Halloween fancy dress costumes at the ready.

We have reached that time of the¬†year. Spook-tacular season is upon us¬†so you’re probably looking for that next ghoul-icious outfit to scare your friends.

Cheltenham and Gloucester¬†has¬†lots to offer¬†with several independent fancy dress stores. John Pannett who runs Showcase in Montpelier said: “The most popular costume we sell is¬†probably¬†the¬†Devils or Lucifer but it definitely varies depending on the occasion of the party.”

Having been selling¬†fancy dress outfits¬†for over 30 years, and stocking over 2,000 costumes including Batman, the Joker and Rocky Horror the shop has sold¬†plenty of adult Halloween costumes over the years. John said: “We are a specialist shop so we¬†want to make sure¬†the quality is right, that’s what people are willing to pay for. The most unusual item¬†we have sold recently for Halloween was a crow”

The demand for fancy dress has been “blowing down”¬†as the shop¬†feels¬†that¬†Cheltenham doesn’t need any more fancy dress shops. The small number of costume shops that are available are arguably enough¬†for people particularly as online retailers are offering more¬†of a variety of costumes and accessories, for less of the price.

The world’s most expensive Halloween costume¬†is a 1 million dollar human¬†slinky! If you’re looking for a fancy dress costume you can check out the shops below:

Ultimate Party Shop

Balloons n Banners

Fancy Pants

Fancy Castle


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