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15:10 – Ofsted wants children to be better prepared for year 1.

14:35 – Childcare prices increase 49% since 2008.


14:25 РA Gloucestershire schools take on the traditional nativity.

14:10 РHow useful are the things you learnt at school? Watch our reporter Tom Bartley take on a quiz, @Jnews_L6 

13:45 РShould sport be more competitive in schools?

13:25 – University of Gloucestershire prepare young children for University.

13:12 – Watch our web editor, Callum Helliwell talking about our top stories today –¬†@Jnews_L6¬†

13:00 РAre schools doing enough to prevent bullying?


12:15 – What help does the Council offer to children with special needs? find out here:


12:00 РPolitics vs Religion: Which is more important to learn in school? have your say on our twitter, @Jnews_L6 

11:45 РIs home schooling the way forward? read the full story below:

11:00 РPlan for £30 million pound school to be built in Cheltenham released.


10:30 – Cheltenham Ladies college drop down the exam rankings.

10:10 РShould school teach you less about algebra and more about money?

9:40Head over to our twitter @Jnews_L6 to have your say in our latest polls. 

9:30How much would you pay for school uniform?

It will remain chilly throughout Cheltenham today, with highs of 4 degrees.

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